Sundae opened my eyes on issues where I got stuck in a transition. I learned how I could build networks more effectively in order to achieve personal and professional aims and wishes. So time spent with Sundae is time well spent.
— Angela Weinberger, Former Head of Global Mobility, PricewaterhouseCoopers

You´re living an international life and need a strategy.

I work with expats and their partners right when they’re feeling stuck,
overworked, off-track or secretly crave more from their lives.


If you’re afraid you’re wasting your time, missing out on what’s important or not using your potential – I’ve got your back.

I work with both individuals and organizations to fast-track adaptation, expedite success, and help you create meaningful connections so that you can make the most of your experience abroad.

You want to make change, but just don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re living abroad, an organization or want regular updates from me (+ a free gift) now is the time to take action!


For individuals, couples or families

Turn frustration, fears and dissatisfaction into clarity of purpose.

  • Battle the challenges of expat fatigue and loneliness
  • Discover your purpose and a life abroad you love
  • Nurture relationships (abroad and at home)
  • Cherish your experience
5 Things You Are Going to Do Wrong While Living Abroad.

Free Resources

Proven strategies for your expat challenges.

  • Straight talk and strategies for the tough parts of expat life
  • Inspiration and practical solutions on all things expat
  • Steps to discover your purpose abroad
  • Unique approaches to common problems

For organizations

A solution-based strategy to maximize employee performance.

  • Fast-track employee adaption
  • Build effective communicators that maximize performance
  • Create insider relationships that expedite success
  • Practical strategies to counter expat fatigue and create resilience

A session with Sundae leaves me feeling both supported and empowered. She meets my fear with gentle curiosity and cuts through my bullshit with thought-provoking questions. Her compassionate guidance works wonders for me. — C.S., The Netherlands