You know that uncomfortable feeling when you’re faced with a dilemma and your mind starts spinning: What am I going to do now? How can I fix this? What is the right next step for me and my family?

In an interview with Amel Derragui, the founder of Tandem Nomads, we discuss some liberating strategies to get out of these tangled questions. This interview came just days after the terrorist attacks in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso so naturally our conversation kicked off with how to deal with uncertainty and navigate an unexpected crisis. These two areas of expat life are uncomfortable at best, but represent an important reality of living abroad.

What I share in this episode was born from living in a fragile context, but the insights apply as well to anyone who´s faced with making a tough call.

Highlights Reel

In the first half of this podcast, you´ll discover:

  • How I made the stretch from living in Switzerland to navigating the uncertainties that arise in contexts like West Africa.
  • The tricky side of adapting in critical situations.

In the middle of the podcast, we discuss:

  • The importance of personal choice in difficult times.
  • How, when and why to define key criteria to guide your decisions in a crisis.
  • The one thing you should do right away if you live in high-risk area.

In the last part of the podcast, we cover:

  • Why I originally chose to leave my safety net to live in a wildly different context.
  • What´s most positive about moving internationally with children.
  • My biggest (and most surprising?) challenge from life abroad thus far.

Catch the full interview here, or just jump ahead to minute 36:00 where I share what may feel like a tough pill to swallow, but is a critical mindset to make the most of your life abroad.

Listen to this insight, and more, all right here in Episode 28: Dealing with high security risks and uncertainty.

Here is to making the most of it, no matter what life throws you.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach




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