I know it is really tough to feel positive right now.

Every time I listen to the news or scroll through Facebook, I get a pit in my stomach when I witness the fear being spread.

I just got an email from an expat client of mine who said she´s drug down and distracted by all of the hate and discord she is feeling within even her extended family.

Our world is in a state of polarization, a critical moment where the direction and speed at which things will change are unclear.

This is transition.

To put it less than eloquently, so many of us are in “Stage WTF?!?”

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to take care of yourself.

I have created the new podcast, The Expat Happy Hour, as a resource for you to adapt and succeed when living abroad and get you through ANY life transition. (And if our current state of global affairs is not a bumpy transition, I don´t know what is.)

If you didn´t catch Episode four: Secret to Living a Happy Life Abroad check it out this week as it will help you find clarity on where you can focus your energy during a time when everything feels out of your control.

This week´s episode is the result of breaking down my nearly 20 years of experience abroad to four key pillars for your success and happiness. Block out the noise of all that you “could” and “should” be doing, and focus on four elements to make the difference in your life.

Listen to this week´s episode is right here: The 4-pillars of Expat Living

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Life is challenging enough, you don´t have to do it on your own. The Expat Happy Hour podcast is like having me by your side as your coach – right when you need it.

Here´s to positive changes in your life.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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