“Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain.” Michael Angier

When you live abroad, there is an avalanche of opportunity to show courage. We deal with so much uncertainty that curling up with a blanket and movie from our home country can feel like balm for the weary-from-so-much-damn-courage-soul.

So if you are living abroad AND navigating a high-risk pregnancy, you could easily feel completely out of control.

In this episode of Expat Happy Hour, I speak with high-risk pregnancy expert, Parijat Deshpande. Parijat is THE leading high-risk pregnancy expert who educates and guides women on how to manage their stress, anxiety and overall wellness so they can have healthier pregnancies, decrease their risk of preterm birth and give their baby a healthy start to life.

Parijat is not only a clinically trained therapist, she is also a women’s wellness expert who speaks on the impact of stress on health and wellness.

Pregnant or not – who doesn´t want to learn how to better manage stress, anxiety and improve your overall wellness?!? Her advice is laser focused for high-risk pregnancies but valuable for any expat going through a challenging situation.

Listen to the interview, and learn:

  • How to move forward when everything is uncertain.
  • What to do when you feel out of control.
  • The best place to get the right answers during a stressful pregnancy.
  • What to do when you are abroad, pregnant, and facing extraordinary circumstances.

You will get a load of tips, including:

  • Who you need to surround yourself with.
  • How to make really tough decisions.
  • One simple technique to reduce stress or anxiety.

This advice will help you not only in a high-risk pregnancy but anytime you are feeling uncertainty in your expat life.

Here is to making the most of any challenging situation.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

P.S. Here is the other podcast I referenced on what to do when you feel out of control.
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