I got an urgent message from one of my clients saying that her husband was in the hospital.

Me: Uuuff, ok. I´m so sorry. What happened?

Her: We don´t know. The doctors are saying it´s fatigue.

Endurance is something we respect. In fact, we revere it. It is codified in cultural expressions:

“Keep your nose to the grindstone.”

“Go the extra mile”

“Burn the candle at both ends.”

Yet, if applied too often or in the wrong circumstances it puts everything in jeopardy. What we really need in our day to day is resilience.

You put your success, satisfaction and relationships on the line when you fail to adopt a resilience mindset.

In this week´s episode of Expat Happy Hour you will:

  • Learn the difference between endurance and resilience and why it matters so much.
  • Know the signs of when you are operating from a place of endurance and not resilience.
  • Debunk 3 myths of resilience that hold you back

By the end of the podcast, you will walk away with two concrete things you can do right now that will develop your resilience.

Your time, energy and relationships are simply too precious to jeopardize.

Get started by listening to Drop Endurance and Adopt a Resilience Mindset right here.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

p.s. If you know and love someone who is pushing too hard, give them a nudge in the right direction by sharing this episode with them.

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