What is the grumpiest you have ever been?

I mean reeeeaaaaallly grumpy.

All of that pent-up anger needs to be unleashed somewhere, before it is unleashed on someone.

There isn´t an App for that, but there is a Facebook group.

In this week´s episode of Expat Happy Hour, I am happy to welcome the founder of Grumpy Expat, Alison Trainer. This Facebook group is THE place to go if you need to vent or simply go on a good rant about something that has been building up inside as you struggle to adjust to your life abroad. It is also – surprising as it sounds – a very supportive community of individuals from around the world.

Check out the podcast episode Grumpy Expats with Alison Trainer and discover:

  • Unprecedented transparency about the challenges of being in a bi-national relationship
  • Why we become such different people when we move abroad
  • My go-to-strategy to make connections abroad
  • The secret behind feeling less frustration in a “foreign” culture
  • A behind-the-scenes peek at what motivated Alison to start Grumpy Expat.

Listen now for a huge dose of reality about expat life and binational relationships, plus actionable tips on how to un-grump and be happier abroad all packed into one interview.

Don´t miss it. Plus I accidentally say something I really didn´t want my mom to know…

Here´s to getting out the grump, so we can go on to cherish our experience.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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