On my last international flight, I wore a mask and flight socks. Super sexy.

Don´t judge me. Never mind, I´m judging me! But I don´t care, because I feel so much better.

In this week´s episode of Expat Happy Hour, I will give you an honest account of how successful my strategies were when I got stuck flying to Germany with full blown Bronchitis. With the pressure to deliver a four-day training session to 23 participants from across three continents, I can say that planning was key to taking care of myself. Join me as I look back on the tips from When You’re Sick But That Big Thing is Coming Up and share with you how well each worked for me, so you can better plan next time you’re in a bind.

Not only will you learn which tips made the biggest impact on my health, you will discover:

  • The myth about resilience I actually unintentionally caught myself believing
  • The trap expats fall into when they move country
  • What I learned from this experience that will change how I approach travel
  • And more!

Don´t miss this episode, Taking Care of Yourself: Why Planning Is Everything, your health and happiness are just too important!

Here´s to your health.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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