“We are slowly discovering that wherever we are — we are home . . . and missing it at the same time. “ –Jerry Jones, The Culture Blend

Expat life is full of contradictions.

We want adventure and comforts of home. We feel at home and foreign at the same time. We desire stability and crave change simultaneously.

When we are able to live with those contradictions, and truly embrace them – no matter how awkward or off kilter that feels – we are able to thrive.

In this episode of Expat Happy Hour, I am delighted to introduce Jerry Jones, founder of the Culture Blend. Jerry is a trainer for families in transition, a husband, a father, a traveler, a culture vulture and an avid people watcher who loves to write about all of those things. He is also part of a lovely blended family who have been around the world and back. As a writer, Jerry offers a fresh and often much needed humorous perspective to expat life.

In this episode Life Transitions with Jerry Jones, you will discover:

  1. The joys of parenting TCKs when you were raised in a monocultural environment.
  2. How Jerry got through the ups and downs of repatriation
  3. What you really learn when you move abroad (and it is not what you think it is)
  4. The new thing he is going to try to create a unique connection between his children and the grandparents while they are abroad, and
  5. Our advice on how, as a couple, you can work through the tough decisions.
  6. His one piece of advice to get through any life transition.

Listen now to Life Transitions with Jerry Jones for a healthy dose of “Thank gawd, I am normal” plus fresh ideas on how to get through your next transition.

Here´s to moving forward with humor and grace.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

P.s. The article Jerry mention about the “bricks” can be found on his blog.

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