Admit it. A small part of you looked on with envy as the characters on The Matrix effortlessly “downloaded” new skills into their brains. Imagine it: a new language, new professional skills, the ability to create beautiful music.

(*Sigh*) If only we could plug into a computer to upgrade our lives.

But we can´t.

That is why I am kicking off this month by featuring the second pit of “quicksand” I see expats get stuck in, and that is creating a Matrix-free life upgrade. (If you didn´t catch the four areas expats get stuck when I announced it, you can catch it here.)

In this episode of Expat Happy Hour, Expat Life Upgrade, you will discover:

  • What stops us from making changes we really want
  • Where you are in relation to the change that has been on your mind for a long time
  • The common traps expats fall into during each phase
  • What you can do based on exactly where you are to keep moving forward

Listen to Expat Life Upgrade and take back control over your life by making what you’ve been craving a reality.

Here is to creating changes that last.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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