In college I had a meeting with a guidance counsellor that changed my life, but he has no idea it did.

I scheduled an appointment with him during his office hours, with the hope to decide which internship would be the best move for my career.

I talked about my options. The pros. The cons.

He paused. Looking at me gently, he said, “Instead of focusing on what you ´should´ do, why don´t you focus on what you want to do.”

That changed everything for me.

Today, I hope that what I have to say makes a change for you.

So many of you who are my clients, readers of this blog, or even my friends have shared with me that you feel like you are busy, but wasting time.

The truth of the matter is captured by Jim Rohn, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

In this nine-minute episode of Expat Happy Hour, you will discover:

  • The one thing you can do that will stop you from wasting your time – for good
  • How to ensure you go to bed at night with confidence and satisfaction knowing that you spent your precious time and energy in a way that was totally worth it.

How we spend our time is serious business. Time is how we measure the moments of our lives, and once it is gone – we never get it back.

Listen to Wasting Time so that you can fill your time with what you cherish.

Here is to what really matters.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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