Did you fall victim to the “cat vs cucumber” craze on YouTube earlier this year? You sit back in your chair and giggle uncontrollably at how scared the cat is over something as harmless as a cucumber. You get such a kick out of how the cat thinks that this harmless vegetable is actually a treacherous snake.

The truth is, we do this all the time.

We let fear unjustifiably take hold and shrink back from things that are actually good for us.

In this episode of Expat Happy Hour, Stop Fear from Holding You Back, we take a close look at how how fear holds us back. Discover

  • How fear works against us
  • 5 steps to stop fear from holding you back from what you really want

No one wants to get busted running away from a cucumber. It is time to look at the innocent things that are getting in your way.

Here is to creating a life you love.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

p.s. One important way we stop ourselves from getting is losing our self-confidence. Check out this free live session in July to learn how to get it back.

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