How can you stop feeling guilty when you finally take time for yourself?

Why is it that we feel like we have to “earn” a break?

How do you make time for YOU when your day is packed with work, kids, or chaos?

Discover these answers and more in this week’s episode of Expat Happy Hour, Self-Care for Expats with Diana Dorell.


[self-kair] / noun

1. The radical idea that YOU should actually be a priority in your everyday life.

If you wish you had more “me time,” energy, or patience, it is time to do some critical thinking about self-care and get serious about what this week’s expert, Diana Dorell, calls self-care for the soul.

Diana Dorell is a women’s empowerment leader, healer and modern day medicine woman who helps women own and step into their power to create what she calls, “lives of grace, love and magic.”

In this week’s episode of Expat Happy Hour, Self-Care for Expats with Diana Dorell, you will discover:

  • How clichés about self-care actually stopping us from taking care of ourselves
  • Why “earning” a break is counter-productive
  • Simple techniques to practice self-care that fit into real people’s lives
  • How you can undo unhealthy habits inherited from your family
  • Why making YOU a priority in your life is so important

Listen now to learn easy-to-implement strategies so you can get more energy, clarity and joy from your everyday life.

It is time to ditch getting by, and start feeling vibrant.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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