The heaviness you feel when you spent two weeks with people you love more than nutella and you’ve just said goodbye?

There is a name for it.

Find it out in this week’s episode of Expat Happy Hour, Curing a “Face-to-Face Hangover” After Seeing Loved Ones.

Plus, you will learn

  • Why you feel so bad after having such a great time with your loved ones,
  • What you can do to get out of the slump fast, and
  • How you can prevent it from hitting so hard

AND because it is my birthday, I am giving YOU a present.

The free training How to maintain and nurture your relationships with loved ones from afar. is now available! Get it here.

PLUS more surprises when you get on this training list, and behind-the-scenes excitement to come this month.

Here is to a year of connection.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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