There are days when you worry that nothing will change: the guilt from living far from loved ones, the search for purpose, the overwhelm of moving, or the way you get along with your partner.

This is why I am calling for a REVOLUTION. In your mind, and in your life. And it has something to do with spider webs.

Find out more in this week’s episode of Expat Happy Hour, What Spiders Can Teach Us About Expat Life, And Changing Perspective on Living Abroad.

You will discover:

  • What you gain by thinking about your life abroad in this quirky way
  • Why it is so critical to shift perspective now
  • How you can get started

A revolution is overthrowing the status quo, overturning a system that does not serve you.

And when it comes to making change in your own life, you want a battle-tested plan for this. A system that works.

That is what Adapt and Succeed is all about.

The truth is: You don’t have to…

…wait for the next assignment to be happy
…let the stress get between you and your partner
…blame yourself, your partner and your new country for feeling negative

You can take back control of your life abroad – even when it’s complicated.
You have to genuinely start taking real steps to reduce the strain from your transitions
You can learn to take action in alignment with your highest priorities

And more than that, don’t lose sight of your purpose while you’re abroad.

Adapt and Succeed will unlock this kind of focus, confidence and success.

It is worth it.

You don’t even have to take my word for it. Take their word for it…

“This program is great at providing action-based strategies to help me take control of whatever is bothering me rather than feeling like life is spinning out of control” – Lisa Ferland – Author of Knocked Up Abroad and

“Adapt and Succeed gives you more grip and direction to deal with struggles.” – Dutch entrepreneur in the UK

Don’t let your time abroad pass you by without truly making the most of it.

Get equipped with the right tools, mindset, and strategies to adapt and succeed – no matter where you are.

It is time to take back control over your life abroad.

To your adaptation, success and happiness

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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