What do you wish you could change when your partner is away for work?

For many of us the thought of managing a home, your work, and a family on your own makes “balance” feel out of the question.

Add deployments, erratic schedules, frequent relocations, and massive uncertainty in the face of crisis and you have a glimpse of the real-life challenges of a military spouse.

I have so much respect for military spouses and anyone who successfully manages temporary or long-term solo parenting. That is why I am so honored to have Ashley Christian Folsom as our special guest on Expat Happy Hour.

Ashley is a military spouse, Martha Beck master certified life coach, mother of two energetic daughters, a certified Shift Your Grief master moach, and MBA graduate, just to name a few of her interesting and impressive qualifications.

In today’s episode, Tips For Making the Best of Military Spouse Life with Ashley Folsom​, we cover some of the most important topics related to maintaining your home, business, relationships and your sanity.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The importance of aiming to be “enough” when you parent, run a household, or a business.
  • Her secret to making it all work when your partner is traveling
  • Brilliant ideas on how to support your children to cope with a parent’s extended absence
  • The key ingredient for a family when your partner’s assignments are erratic
  • And more!

Ashley demonstrates what I firmly believe: the right mindset, proven strategies and accountability is behind every happy and successful individual.

Gain a fresh perspective and effective strategies by listening here.

Here is to navigating our toughest challenges with grace.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Expat Coach

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