55: Top 10 Regrets when Living Abroad and How to Get a Do-over

Is it true that life “naturally” comes with some regret? If you find yourself feeling remorseful about some of the top 10 regrets when living abroad, including not making the best use of your time and energy in a new country, keep listening. This episode will reveal regrets that may be sneaking up on you […]

54: Curing a “Face-to-Face Hangover” After Seeing Loved Ones

Face-to-Face Hangovers aka F2F are a thing. And though they are thankfully not caused by drinking too much champagne, the hangover comes after spending a significant amount of time with family and loved ones. So many may be feeling the “hangover” symptoms like missing the person before they leave and regretting time spent with loved ones to avoid being upset once they’re gone. Today’s episode is a guide for self diagnosing and dealing with the F2F hangover, especially in the post-holiday month.

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53: What Friends and Family REALLY Think About You Living Abroad

Living abroad and having a mobile business has been a part of my life for years. And though it’s been an amazing journey for me, there are times when I’m away from family and old friends for long periods of time. This episode is an intimate look at what friends and family members think about me living so far away, how they appreciate the time we get together, surprisingly how even they feel enriched by my experiences.

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51: Top 3 Mistakes People Make Leading in the New Year

The energy you bring from the previous year follows you into the next one. And depending on what’s going on around us, we tend to make several crucial mistakes that could set the scene for the end of the holiday season. Here are a few tips to turn that around and so that you can reflect, celebrate your accomplishments, and make that last week of the year a meaningful one.

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