Global Partners

Global Partners

Sundae Schneider-Bean LLC is proud to partner with like-minded organizations who share a passion for impacting the lives and businesses of others through intercultural understanding and positive leadership so that we can create a more collaborative global community.


Argonaut´s flagship tool CultureConnector helps world-class organizations build intercultural competencies. Sundae delivers CultureConnector training for the Argonaut accreditation program and, in coaching sessions, leverages the tool to expedite clients´ success and adaptation.


Bos Advisors is on a mission to create learning environments that inspire leaders to step outside of their comfort zone while exploring insights and actions to positively impact their goals, the people around them and their business. Drawing upon principles of positive leadership, Sundae Schneider-Bean partners with Bos Advisors to deliver custom-made leadership programs for world-class organizations and institutions.



Intercultural Readiness Check LogoAs a practitioner of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), Sundae is proud to partner with Intercultural Business Improvement Ltd., who is committed to developing an international mindset. The IRC is an online assessment which helps you understand core intercultural competencies and take the first step to finding new ways to optimize your strengths and navigate potential pitfalls.


Intercultures a provider of competence-based intercultural training, coaching and consulting which provides a wide range of tailor-made solutions for its global clients, including leadership in complex environments, virtual collaboration, giving and receiving feedback across cultures, and developing global competencies. As a senior consultant, Sundae delivers training on global collaboration and leadership for intercultures.