What Some of My Clients Are Saying:


One day my situation had changed – I moved to an entire new continent and became a trailing spouse. It turned out I completely underestimated what impact it would have on me: break in the career, language challenge, change in social status, cultural differences, etc., etc. Luckily when I got really tired of struggling with getting my life back on track, I met Sundae and learned about coaching. And it was the best thing that happened to me. After each session I felt more and more empowered, energetic, positive – just happy. I started believing in myself again, I became more active, I got my confidence back. And I just got a job. Sundae is a very professional, competent, compassionate, energetic coach that will guide you the best way imaginable. Starting coaching with Sundae was one of my best decisions ever. – Beata Imans, Trailing spouse and Communication Consultant, Ivory Coast.


Being responsible for Diversity Management at Swiss Post, I have had the chance to work with the most well-known intercultural trainers in Switzerland. Sundae Schneider-Bean is among the best. One of her strengths is that she brings not only intercultural expertise but is a very passionate trainer and coach. Other things I love about working with her are her high professional standards, her true integrity and desire to always deliver top quality customer service. Any organization that is looking to partner with a trusted expert should consider working with Sundae Schneider-Bean. – Carmen Zanella, Diversity Management, Swiss Post


I was surprised by the changes I saw in such a short time. I asked myself, “Why wasn’t I thinking like that before?!” – International Business Manager


Before working with Sundae, I was a little hesitant about making a financial investment. Since working together I have gained more confidence, I structure my time better, and feel like I have a better life. What I like best about working with Sundae is that I can still use her methods when I am by myself and facing a complicated situation. Even now that our sessions are finished, I know the questions I need to ask myself when I feel guilty, judged or lost. People who are considering working with Sundae should know that you not only get keys for the present moment but for your lifetime. I see such improvements in my professional and personal life that I am going to come back to Sundae soon to help me reach new goals! – Tania Zeidan Muller, business owner and expat


Before the coaching I was frustrated. I felt stuck and I couldn´t figure out what I wanted. Now due to the coaching, it´s great. I don´t get as down as I used to. I don’t feel miserable or sorry for myself. I’m also not as passive as I used to be. I even started looking for a gym, reaching out to people in my community, and started looking for a French course. I feel a huge improvement and I’m even impressed with myself, frankly speaking! – Trailing spouse, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


I was feeling frustrated when my staff was not delivering. Due to the coaching with Sundae I realized that I was trying to change them rather than adapt and get the maximum from them. Now I am relieved of this burden. I have resolved old pending issues, better understand others´perspectives and the issues that they are facing, and I am also improving the working relationship with my superior. – Country Manager, International NGO.


Before I started working with Sundae, I was hesitant to openly discuss my shortcomings and deal with the emotions that inevitably would follow. Thankfully, Sundae created a comfortable and inviting space where it was easy to communicate. Because of our work together, I am able to clearly see the direction I want to take in creating a mobile career. I can now identify my goals and the steps I need to take to get there. I’m also better at seeing when I let my own negative thoughts get in the way of what I’m trying to achieve. Sundae is honest, fair, and holds a person accountable, which is everything one should want from a coach.” — US Military Accompanying Spouse, Central Asia


Before the coaching program I felt lost. Often I felt depressed because my husband was the one who left the house and I was “just” the full-time mom. I started to hate it here. Now, as a result of the program, I enjoy the positive moments here. I have lost weight and feel healthy and strong. I can say “no” to friends and family if I don´t feel comfortable with something.– Trailblazing Spouse® Program Graduate, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


Sundae is a “straight-shooting, to the point” kind of coach. She is a keen and compassionate listener, who responds confidently and in a way that empowers you. – Nicole Trincia – MBI Certified Life Coach and Massage Therapist


Before the coaching program I felt stuck in a deep hole, not knowing how to come out. Now I know everything is possible. Now my thought pattern has changed to a positive light, I have better time management and fewer panicking moments.– Trailblazing Spouse® Program Graduate, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


Ich habe das Coaching mit Sundae in meinem ersten Jahr bei der Organisation und als neues Mitglied des HR-Führungsgremiums in Anspruch genommen. Sundae hat mir sofort anwendbare Techniken vermittelt. Eindrücklich, welchen Einfluss ihr Kommunikations-Modell auf schwierige Gespräche und die Förderung des Dialogs in der Gruppe haben kann. Die Reflexion von guten und schlechten Erlebnissen hat mir zudem geholfen, das komplexe Organisations-System besser zu verstehen. Diese Lernerfahrungen sind unersetzlich für mich. — R.K. Leiter Training und Transformation bei einer grossen Unternehmung, Schweiz (translate)


A session with Sundae leaves me feeling both supported and empowered. She meets my fear with gentle curiosity and cuts through my bullshit with thought-provoking questions. Her compassionate guidance works wonders for me. – C.S. Freelance Writer, The Netherlands


I have so much respect for Sundae. She is the consummate intercultural coach – wise, warm and willing to constantly reevaluate her own intercultural skills. As a colleague, I value her insights and appreciate her approach, which is both professional and personable. – Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair, Director of the Undergraduate Program, Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL, Georgia State University


Mit dem Ziel, meine Führungssituation zu analysieren, begann ich ein Coaching mit Sundae. Bereits nach 2 Monaten spürte ich positive Änderungen in meinem Team, beim Sport und in meinem sozialen Umfeld. Dank Sundae lernte ich, auf mein Gefühl zu vertrauen und Emotionen korrekt einzuordnen. Anhand von einfachen Beispielen und kleinen Erfolgserlebnissen hat sie mich ermutigt, meinen eigenen Weg zu gehen. Sundae’s Wissen ist beeindruckend, ihr Herzblut bei den Coachings faszinierend und ihre Freude am Leben ansteckend. –F.B. Leiterin Administration, Weiterbildung und neue Lernmedien (translate)


Es war spannend zusammen mit anderen Teilnehmern verschiedener Nationalitäten eine interkulturelle Sensibilität zu entwickeln. In Rollenspielen konnte man viele Extremsituationen erleben, die einem die Problematiken kultureller Unterschiedlichkeiten aufzeigten. Das Erkennen der eigenen Vorurteile gegenüber Andersdenkenden ist der erste Schritt für ein interkulturelles Verständnis. In meinem täglichen Umfeld gehe ich nun neugieriger auf Kollegen zu und versuche meine selbst definierten Werte zu leben. Das Cross Cultural Training war ein wichtiger Anstoss für diese Entwicklung. — J.S. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Learning & Development (translate)


Through her very effective coaching Sundae Schneider-Bean opened my eyes on issues where I got stuck in the transition process between Germany and Switzerland. She helped me to regain my motivation and hence I accepted many challenges in a lighter manner. Within the intercultural training I learned some of the weak spots in my personal networking and saw how I could use building networks more effectively in order to achieve personal and professional aims and wishes. Sundae is always very empathetic, professional and even hilariously funny. So time spent with her is time well spent. — Angela Weinberger, Former Head of Global Mobility, PricewaterhouseCoopers


Intercultural coaching makes you confront your own leadership approach. Examining the theoretical toolbox coupled with in-depth discussions with Sundae Schneider-Bean opened me to a broader perspective of my own daily management. It is warmly recommended to even the most experienced leader. — Jürg Bucher, former CEO Swiss Post


When Sundae is coaching she not only creates an inviting space for reflection but also guides her clients in an appreciative and resource-oriented manner. Sundae brings passion to her coaching and ensures that her clients are always positively impacted by the sessions. – Y.A., Director of Corporate Training, Swiss Post


Die Trainerin Sundae Schneider-Bean hat es verstanden, die verschiedenen Workshop-Teilnehmerinnen auf ihre kulturellen Ähnlichkeiten und Unterschiede aufmerksam zu machen und diese Vielfalt als Stärke gezielt einzusetzen. Sie hat die Kenntnis für die eigene Kultur sowie das Verständnis für das internationale Umfeld gefördert und die Teilnehmerinnen zur Reflexion und Akzeptanz motiviert. Dank der partizipativen Führung der Trainerin, ist es innert Kürze gelungen, eine hervorragende Stimmung und kulturelle Sensibilität zu schaffen, die den Teilnehmerinnen erlaubte, ihre interkulturellen Kompetenzen zu trainieren und optimieren. Wir würden Sundae Schneider-Bean jederzeit wieder engagieren. — Credit Suisse, Diversity & Inclusion Switzerland. (translate)


Das interkulturelle Einzelcoaching mit Sundae hat mich als Führungskraft weitergebracht. Mit ihrer einfühlsamen und trotzdem zielstrebigen und hartnäckigen Art lernte ich neue Facetten meiner Persönlichkeit kennen und erweiterte meine Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit M.K. Personalleiter einer grossen Logisitkfirma, Schweiz (translate)