For expats on assignment, work with Sundae Schneider-BeanThe Game Changer

  • Adapt as quickly (and painlessly!) as possible

  • Expedite your success

  • Make the most of the experience

You work hard every day. You are expected to deliver results in a highly complex international environment. You know that working with different cultures adds sometimes unexpected challenges that can slow you down but the pressure to deliver remains high. You are good at what you do, yet your challenges are non-stop. All of this leads to long working days. When you finally make it home, you are likely greeted by a family who is going through their own ups and downs from living abroad. The strategies you’ve tried to change things for the better are not making enough of an impact. You need a game changer.


Can you relate? You are:

  • Confronted with the kinds of surprises, setbacks and misunderstandings at work that only happen when you work across cultures.
  • Trying the find the magic formula on how to work with such a diverse group of employees, suppliers and partners so that you can achieve your business goals on time and still deliver high quality.
  • Investing so much time and energy that you feel stretched thinly between the office and home

When you go to bed at night, you wonder why – despite all of your efforts – things aren’t getting better faster.

What if you could:

  • Stop cultural differences from slowing you down so that you can get on with the work you are paid to do.
  • Create insider relationships in your new environment to expedite success
  • Address tough issues, build trust, meet deadlines, increase engagement in your team, and more.
  • Better understand and respond to your most surprising, confusing or upsetting interactions with your employees, colleagues or boss.
  • Feel less stress in the moments that typically would give you a neck ache.
  • Pinpoint what is keeping you from having more time for yourself so that you can put an end to old patterns.
  • Make the most of this experience.

It´s time to fast-track your adaptation and maximize your success and satisfaction abroad. Learn new ways to tackle your biggest challenges, expedite success through proven processes and carve out time for a personal life – without sacrificing your sanity.

Discover the program that will help you take back control of your business and life. Be a successful contributor to your organization and still make time for what’s most important to you personally.


How It Works

The individualized program integrates:

  • The Expat Inventory, an instrument to help you get crystal clear on what is working, where you feel stuck and what needs to change before the start of the sessions.
  • Expert Input offers cutting-edge thinking on fast-tracking adaptation, building the right relationships for success, working across cultures effectively and, ing moving through change. Included is a personalized cultural profile based on 12 key dimensions of culture. You also gain access online to a range of tutorials and practical information from over 70 in-depth country profiles.
  • Change Tools include proven methodology to fast-track success, application assignments, innovative mind-body practices, or experiments for you to address your current challenges in new ways and move forward in your thinking.
  • Action Steps are pre-work or follow-up assignments that provide meaningful ways for you to make progress on your personal and professional objectives.
  • 1:1 coaching puts you on the fast-track to change. I’m trained in a solution-focused, high-impact coaching approach so we get far in each coaching session. I am sincere in my quest to create large-scale and sustainable changes in your life, and I expect the same of you. You have my full attention and get support right when you need it.

After you complete the Game Changer experience, you will feel more in control at work and freer at home.


Succeed Abroad

  • Adapt quickly so you can focus on your core responsibilities
  • Expedite your success by building the right relationships
  • Quickly identify which cultural gaps need the most attention
  • Adapt your communication so you are effective and still appropriate for the cultural context
  • Solve your trickiest challenges

Enhance Your Quality of Life

  • Identify exactly which areas of personal life need the most attention.
  • Develop a plan to start getting more of what you want right now.
  • Pinpoint where you are holding yourself back and break these negative patterns.

Most importantly, you will no longer feel overloaded at work and drained at home. Instead you will feel clear on your top priorities, confident in your cross-cultural skills and reconnected to the sense of adventure that drew you to a life abroad in the first place.


Ready to up your game? Let’s get started.

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute session with Sundae Schneider-Bean to learn more.

I was surprised by the changes I saw in such a short time. I asked myself, “Why wasn’t I thinking like that before?!

International Business Manager

The coaching experience has been fantastic. Talking with a neutral person within the framework of intercultural learning was really useful. I was able to think about conflicts in a new perspective and work out new approaches to challenging situations with clients and colleagues. Clare O’Halloran, Senior Account Manager, Swiss Post Solutions

I have been able to handle certain critical issues with a clearer sense of direction. Most importantly, I enhanced my level of engagement and discussion with team members and supervisors. Country Director of an International NGO in Ethiopia

As a result of the sessions, I optimized my energy level by focusing my energy on MY business. And by taking over another perspective, I can be more successful and satisfied in my business but also private life. A.B. Manager in an international logistics company

I was feeling frustrated when my staff was not delivering. Due to the coaching with Sundae I realized that I was trying to change them rather than adapt and get the maximum from them. Now I am relieved of this burden. I have resolved old pending issues, better understand others´perspectives and the issues that they are facing, and I am also improving the working relationship with my superior. Country Manager of an International NGO in Burkina Faso

I had coaching with Sundae in my first year in the organization and as a new member of the HR-management. Sundae shared techniques that I could apply at work immediately. The influence that her communication model had on difficult conversations and creating dialogue in the management group was impressive. The chance to reflect on both good and bad experiences also helped me better understand this complex organization. What I learned in the sessions is irreplaceable. R.K. Head of Training and Transformation at a major company in Switzerland