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Sundae Schneider-Bean Working with OrganizationsYou are proud to work for an organization that has an international reach or fosters diversity in its workforce. You understand that working across cultures is an opportunity not only for your employees but also the organization. At the same time, you’re not naive to the challenges it adds in terms of uncertainty, risk and complexity.

You may be responsible for human resources, training, diversity, global mobility, the family office, a department, or a country office. Your drive leads you to do your best work, and you are committed to supporting your employees (and their accompanying partners) so they have the rights skills and mindset to meet their challenges.

You want employees who:

  • Adapt as quickly and painlessly as possible
  • Have appropriate and effective strategies to maximize performance
  • Create insider relationships that expedite success
  • Are satisfied employees who cherish the experience

Sustainable Transformation

I partner with organizations to create transformation, namely a sustainable shift in mindset and behaviors that increases confidence, creates effective and appropriate strategies in an intercultural context and supports each individual to tackle their unique challenges.

My roles in transformation vary, including a sparring partner for executives, trainer of intercultural competencies in teams, guide to expats and accompanying partners to build resilience, and coach to top talent working in an international context.

Businesses don´t work together, people do.

Who I Work With

My clients are from corporate institutions, international non-profit organizations, embassies, and international schools. Your people are expected to adapt quickly to new cultural environments and meet the demands of work. Behind the scenes, your employees are likely struggling with navigating a foreign language, battling expat fatigue, dealing with uncertainty, feeling homesick, managing frustration and surprise from cultural differences, and juggling the conflicting demands between work and home. To say the least, their resilience is being put to the test. 

I am a firm believer that resilient employees with high intercultural competencies are the best investment for any international or diverse organization.

What We Do Together

I collaborate with key leaders within the organization to understand the specific challenges the organization – and its people – is facing as well as the desired outcomes they would like to reach. Together we identify a tailored approach to meet your organization’s specific needs.

I offer a wide-range of services, hand-selected for each client to make the greatest impact given their budget, time and geographical constraints. Some of the methods that have brought value to my clients include 1:1 or group coaching, consulting, training, guest speaking, event moderation, and concept development for a tailor-made program.

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My Packages – Client Examples

1:1 Executive Coaching

Context: The demands on any leader are significant and unique. There is no single approach that is right for every executive, manager or expat. A common thread amongst my clients though is that they greatly benefit from an otherwise rare opportunity to reflect on their challenges on a regular basis.

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I can articulate what is going on with my clients in ways they have not yet been able to put into words. My clients feel understood, safe to share what is really going on, and motivated to experiment with new approaches. My superpower is a bit like modern-day alchemy: I work with an individual on their strengths and challenges so they leave transformed into something even more valuable for the organization.

Solution: The majority of 1:1 executive coaching clients meet every second week for a period of three to six months. During this time we focus on their most burning issues. Based on the insight and outcomes of each session, practical assignments are applied to constructively work through their current challenge.

Results: The individual results from executive coaching vary based on the context and needs of the organization and individual. For example, clients often report tangible changes in their stress levels at work. At times it is others who report an observable improvement in the behaviors or leadership style of the client. Measurable factors can provide evidence that the executive has changed, such as with one international non-profit organization, where the country director´s employee engagement increased by 18%.

My coaching clients report increased confidence, an appreciation of new strategies to cope with work demands, higher intercultural awareness, greater focus and energy, and gratitude for the opportunity think about and tackle their challenges with a fresh approach.

“I was feeling frustrated when my staff was not delivering. Due to the coaching with Sundae I realized that I was trying to change them rather than adapt and get the maximum from them. Now I am relieved of this burden. I have resolved old pending issues, better understand others´ perspectives and the issues that they are facing, and I am also improving the working relationship with my superior.”

— Country Director for an International NGO in Burkina Faso

“Sundae showed me techniques that I could apply immediately. It was impressive to see the influence of her communication model in difficult conversations and how it promoted dialogue in the group. Reflecting on positive and negative experiences helped me to better understand the organization. This learning experience was irreplaceable for me.

— R.K., Head of Training and Transformation in large logistics company in Switzerland (translated from German)

“I have been able to reflect on my leadership style; develop an awareness of the need to [focus on] areas that are important; look at things from a different perspective; handle certain critical issues with an increased sense of direction and [strengthen] teamwork in the office. Most importantly, I enhanced my level of engagement and discussion with team members and supervisors.”

— Country Director for an International NGO in Ethiopia

Setting up Newly Arrived Expats for Success

Context: A global consulting firm had a regular influx of temporary foreign employees on 18-month assignments throughout Switzerland. The firm was looking for training to help the newly-arrived employees adjust quickly to the country.

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Solution: Departing from the typical “Dos and Don´ts in Switzerland” crash-course, I designed, developed and delivered a learning intervention centered on developing intercultural competencies. A monthly interactive training centered around the core concepts of culture and intercultural skill building, as well as application of these concepts to the participants´everyday work lives. This one-day group training was coupled with a validated assessment of four key intercultural competencies and 1:1 coaching sessions to address each employee’s most burning issues and encourage sustainability.

Results: The program ran for three consecutive years and was consistently praised by the participants for its impact on their mindset and support of new behaviors.

“Through her very effective coaching Sundae Schneider-Bean opened my eyes on issues where I got stuck in the transition process between Germany and Switzerland. She helped me to regain my motivation and hence I accepted many challenges in a lighter manner. Within the intercultural training I learned some of the weak spots in my personal networking and saw how I could use building networks more effectively in order to achieve personal and professional aims and wishes. Sundae is always very empathetic, professional and even hilariously funny. So time spent with her is time well spent.”

— Angela Weinberger, Former Head of Global Mobility, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Switzerland

Intercultural (Virtual) Training for Top Talent

Context: An industry leader in outsourcing paper-based business processes runs a top talent program for its emerging leadership. The Global Academy was seeking an international business module to complement its other leadership and communication modules due to its presence in 14 other countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Flying in this elite group from seven regions was not feasible due to cost and time constraints. Both group and individual learning were priorities.


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Solution: A blended learning solution was designed and implemented. The solution included a self-guided online intercultural learning tool, systematic learning objectives, introduction and practice of simple yet powerful techniques to enhance intercultural competencies, regular assignments and personalized feedback, as well as 1:1 coaching via phone and email. A virtual group workshop served to articulate outcomes, celebrate successes, and define commitments steps for the future. The learning objectives were consistently applied to the participants on-the-job current and past challenges.

Results: The program ran for two consecutive years and received positive feedback for its application in a highly cross-border business from its project sponsor and C-level participants. Continued application of key concepts and behaviors was reported by participants a year after the program.

“I was personally overly confident in my intercultural skills before the workshop started. Thanks to multiple intercultural missions, I thought I [already] had the experience. My biggest outcome out of this workshop is awareness. I am now fully aware that [the] intercultural factor is an everyday and long term effort. People’s trust is not something you earn with one time action or efforts, it is continuous adaptation. You better embrace this idea at the beginning of your expatriation to avoid a waste of time or some frustration.”

— N.R., 2014 Talent Program, Intercultural Business Module Participant

“As a result of the program, I spend more time thinking about approaches for difficult cultural issues. I delegate less important tasks to allow time for [this]. I try varied styles to deal with issues rather than going with my preferred style. I use the tools for guidance on cultural styles in countries.”

— I.C., 2015 Talent Program, Intercultural Business Module Participant

Leadership and Team Development

Context: An International NGO with a strong presence in West Africa reached out to support its country office in Burkina Faso. In the final quarter of that year, the organization underwent significant changes in its management personnel. As with any new team formation, there were risks as well as opportunities. The Country Director wanted to plan a leadership retreat that would promote positive team behaviors and support his individual leadership style to meet the organization´s objectives.

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Solution: A three-part program was developed to create a shared understanding of the core values the leader aimed to promote; identify how to optimize communication for the team´s overall performance; and pinpoint specific behaviors that would support “living” these values to meet the organization´s objectives.

Results: After the training, the Country Director reported observable changes within the team, including the ability to accept and complete processes within the organization, the emergence of shared ideas that were not expressed in the team before, and a tangible feeling of “coming together” to reach their common goals.

“A key learning I take away is that each of us represents a piece in the entire organization and our work counts in building the organization.”

— Management team member

“I’m normally a man of action and minimize procrastination as much as I can. But I have learnt that I cannot change people, I can only change myself.

— Team member

“[From the workshop] I learnt that before making a decision I must consult with the key stakeholders if I want to take an informed and wise decision. In addition, when assigning tasks to [people I supervise], I must set clear objectives and deadlines to enable them to perform effectively.” 

— Team member

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